ALIGN M4 High-Performance Agricultural Drone
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ALIGN M4 High-Performance Agricultural Drone

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ALIGN brand new M4 high performance multi-rotor agriculture drone is revolutionizing the way agriculture is done. The main body and rotor arm featuring lightweight and high-intensity structure design which is made from one-piece carbon fiber composite material, and can be fast folded without any tool for easy transportation. Equipped with high performance, high torque and high efficiency brushless motor, the max. tensile force per motor can reach to 19.5KG, providing heavy payload capacity and stable reliability power output as well as long durability and low temperature performance which can extend the flight time for hours of agricultural works.

The snap in and lock chemical containers design can save time from liquid refilling also make you work more convenient. Or there is fertilizer spreader for optional purchase. It equipped with dual high-pressure pump systems support large spraying output, increase the water flow up to 5L/min. Unlike other agricultural drones which will always miss spraying beneath the drone, ALIGN M4 adds extra special windproof nozzles under the main body that can completely cover the entire spraying area to make spraying much efficiently. Besides, it adopts high performance motors and 34 inch propellers carrying out powerful downflow; the downflow is so strong that the spraying can reach all the way down to the plants or trees root easily at 5M height.

ALIGN M4 is equipped with MA1 intelligent flight controller system and MA1 highly integrated ground station that supports attitude mode, GPS mode, Auto-navigation, A/B waypoint flight mode, AB+ waypoint flight mode, intelligent guidance mapping, altitude hold, terrain following, obstacle avoidance system, FPV video transmitter, remote control headlight, fertilize spreader system…etc. Through MA1 ground station, the built-in task management system can record each task details for better task control, monitor and management from repeated work allow to improve working quality and provide safe and convenient agricultural works.

Standard Equipment
●ALIGN M4 Kits Set x 1 set
●V32 Transmitter set x 1
●2KM HD Video Transmitter x 1
●Remote Control Super Bright Headlight x 1
●ALIGN Brand New MA1 Auto-Navigation Flight Controller System x 1
●M4 Motor Power System x 4
(Max. Tensile Force : 19.5 KG/Set)
●Millimeter Wave Radar x 1
●Front Obstacle Avoidance Radar x 1
●Portable 3K Carbon Fiber Battery Mount x 1
●17L Chemical Container x 1
●Flying Simulator Set x 1
●A10 Transmitter Set x 1

ALIGN M4 Product Specification
Airframe: 1500mm
Height: 480mm
Foldable Rotor: 34 inch
Main Rotor Diameter: 885mm
Power System: X9 (Max. Tensile Force 19.5kg/set)
Empty Weight: Approx. 14kg
Chemical Container: 17L
Max. Working Speed: 8M/sec.
Spray Efficiency: Spray up to 0.48 acres per minute.
Spray Operation Flight Time:
Approx. 11 mins. (w/ 10000mAh battery)
Approx. 18 mins. (w/ 16000mAh battery)
Approx. 23 mins. (w/ 22000mAh battery)

ALIGN M6 Specification

2KM HD Digital Video Transmitter Specification
●Working Frequency:2.4Ghz
●Wide Transmission Distance:2km
●Video Output:HD Digital Video Transmission
●Mobile Phone/Tablet:Android and Flight Controller OSD Display
●Antenna:5dB Circular Antenna

Millimeter Wave Radar
●Emission Frequency:24~24.20 Ghz
●Emission Power ( EIRP ):13~24 dBm
●Measurement Accuracy:±0.02M
●Update Rate:50Hz
●Range Resolution:0.75M
●Working Temperature:-40℃~85℃

Equipment Required for Assembly
●UP600+ Intelligent Charger System (AC 110V or AC 220V) x 2 set
●Main Power Battery 6S Li-Po 16000~22000mAh x 4 pcs (= 2 set) and more
●8" Tablet
* Support Android V8.0 or better.
* Considering the best working efficiency, the specifications of the tablet are recommended as follows: 8” Tablet, 6 Core CPU, 3GB RAM, more than 32GB ROM storage space and support 5G Wi-Fi.
* The max. dimension of screen bracket is 240 x 169mm.
●Tablet Suggestions:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A /Model Type:SM-T385
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 /Model Type:T295 (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy P200
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 /Model Type:SM-T510
Mi Band 4
ASUS ZenPad 3 8.0 /Model Type:Z581KL

M4 Motor Power Set Specification
●Input Voltage:12S
●Sustained Ceiling Current:120A(2sec)
●Max. Tensile Force : 19.5kg
●External Diameter:104mm
●KV Value : 110KV
●Working Environment Temperature : -20~55。C
●Protection Rating : IPX7

Obstacle Avoidance Radar System
●Transmission Frequency:24GHz
●Power Consumption:400mW
●Detection Range:0.5~25m(Depend on target size and material)
●Detection Angle:Horizontal 34 degree / Vertical 34 degree
●Effictive Flight Condition:
Flight Altitude over 1.5m
Flight Speed lower than 5m/s
●Start Safe Braking Distance:6m
●Safe Braking Distance:2~3M
●Approaching Direction:Forward-looking