E1 Fire Extinguishing Ball Conversion Set
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E1 Fire Extinguishing Ball Conversion Set
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●Suitable for ALIGN E1 900 / E1 PLUS.
●E1’s excellent load capacity and high stability flight, with ALIGN original hook, can hang a total of six fire extinguishing balls with a total weight of 7.2 kg, through the high-definition 720 DV video return, remote control by the transmitter, Even at an altitude of tens of meters above the ground, it is still stably and accurately dropped to the target place, realizing the perfect airdrop operation of the fire extinguishing ball. E1 has a working radius of 1.5KM and a flying height limit of 300M.

●The fire extinguishing ball can be placed in sequence through the transmitter button, or controlled through the ground station APP. It can be placed all at once or selected by number.

●Use for chemical factory firefighting, forest firefighting, emergency firefighting of high-altitude, military applications, maritime rescue, and the delivery of materials in disaster areas…etc.

AUTO FIRE OFF fire extinguishing ball function description:
●Optional parts.
●Lightweight and beautiful, easy to use and light weight with only 1.2 kg.
●E1 is equipped with fire extinguishing ball to be put into the forest fire, as long as it is in contact with the flame for 3 to 5 seconds, the fire extinguishing ball can be exploded. Class A, B, C fire extinguishing powder can quickly disperse the fire source, or it can be placed around the fire scene to set up the fire line to achieve the preventive effect.
●After being heated, the fire-extinguishing dry powder in the ball is evenly exploded and dispersed to achieve the fire-extinguishing effect. After use, the dry powder can be converted into fertilizer for use, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

E1 fire extinguishing ball conversion set
● Input voltage: 8.4V
● Number of mounts: 6
● Max. weight of single mount: 2.5kg
● Max. weight of all mounts: 15kg
● Launch control: Transmitter & Ground station

Servo hook set specification
●Input voltage: 5V~
●Operating temperature: -10°C~50°C
●Expansion time: 8.4V/5 seconds

● Enhanced Hook x 6
● Controller x 1
● E1 Hook Mount(378x78.5x2mm) x 2
● Millimeter Wave Radar Mount(114x86x1.6mm) x 1
● E1 Radar Bolt(M3x40mm) x 4
● E1 Skid Sleeve x 4
● Socket screw(M4x8mm) x 4
● Socket screw(M3x6mm) x 8