SBS-01RM RPM Telemetry Sensor (magnetic) S.BUS2
Produktnr.: SBS-01RM
SBS-01RM RPM Telemetry Sensor (magnetic) S.BUS2
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Telemetry sensor that measures the RPM with a magnetic sensor. The item that you want to check the rpm on (engine flywheel etc) needs to be equipped with two small D4xL1.5 mm magnets (inlcuded).

Telemetry sensor for:

◾Connected to the S.BUS2 socket on R7008SB, R7003SB, R3008SB, R3106SB, R3006SB, R304SB, R304SBE & R302GF receivers
◾Measuring Range: 350-50.000 RPM
◾Weight: 9g