T6 Radio Control System Combo
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T6 Radio Control System Combo
Here would like to share a good news about 150X GRS V1.2 APP software update, please make sure to update all your GRS APP software to the latest version before next flying journey, which are :

GRS V1.2 Android
GRS V1.2 iOS p

V1.2 Update feature
 Add A.BUS receiver.
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Instructions(T6-2.4GHz Transmitter) :
-15 Model Memory Capability.
-Logical control interface.
-Supports MODE1~MODE4.
-Supports 4 types of swashplates.
-5 point throttle and pitch curves.
-Rudder gyro gain adjustment.
-Built in RF failsafe and battery failsafe protection.
-Supports both helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts.

Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters.
Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.

Specification(T6-2.4GHz Transmitter) :
- 6-Channel-2.4GHz S-FHSS transmitter(Up to 4-Channel at
-2.4GHz FHSS system)
- Transmitting on 2.4GHz band
- Operating system:2-stick,6-channel system
- Power supply:4-AA 1.5V Dry Cell batteries or 1.2V Ni-MH - batteries
- Current drain:120mA

Instructions(3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System) :
3GX MRS's was designed with goals of simple, convenient, light, and ease of adjustment.
With the embedded brand new Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz system/JR DSM2 and Spektrum DSM2/DSMX ,
the 3GX MRS is more than just a flybarless system; it simplifies installation on small/micro sized helicopters
since no receiver is needed. Its set up is extremely intuitive simplicity, just needs a few steps can easily complete
the 3GX MRS adjustment. Optimized for T-Rex 250,T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 500 flybarless helicopters, with factory
default setting, steady flying performance suitable for majority of pilots handling feel. In simple terms,
the 3GX MRS provides pilots a more economical and reliable option.

1.Spektrum and JR Satellite receivers support (Replaces original factory receiver)
2.Built in Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz receiver, directly compatible with Align T6 and Futaba S-FHSS transmitters.
3.Flybarless system designed specifically for T-Rex 250, T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 500, with small footprint, simplified setting process.
4.Optimized for T-Rex 250 , T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 500helicopters; with factory default setting suitable for majority of pilots.
5.Suitable for below flybarless models T-REX 250/T-REX 450/T-REX 500

Specification(3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System) :
-Suitable Voltage Range:DC 3.5~8.4V
-Operating current consumption:<100mA @4.8V
-X and Y axis Operating Angle Range:-300~+300 degree
-Z axis Operating Angle Range:-600~+600 degree
-Sensor resolution:12 BIT
-Operating Temperature:-20~65 degree
-Compatible with T-REX 250、T-REX 450、T-REX 500
-Operating humidity:0%~95%
-RoHS certified
-Size:37.6x22.4x13 mm Size
-Weight: 10g Weight

- ALIGN T6-2.4GHz Transmitter x 1
- 3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System x 1
- 3GX MR Double Sided Tape × 2(37x20x2mm)
- 1.5V AA Zinc-Carbon Battery x 4